Restoration Studios Bárta
Restoration Studios Bárta

Restoration Studios Bárta

Restoration Studios Bárta is with its 45-year history one of the oldest workshops in this field in the Czech Republic. Family traditions handed down the generations in the field of museum restoration and art craft work obliges us to professional attitude and to the highest possible quality with attention to every detail of our restoration work.


Our headquarters is located in Hořice in the Giant Mountains foothills. On the area of seven hundred square meters we perform even the most complex restoration work and technological processes. All restoration work is carried out by our team with the utmost care and with the use of original technology procedures, such as marquetry, inlay of wood, metal, ivory, bone and tortoiseshell. Working procedures are always carefully chosen with regard to time of origin of the article and we approach to work with great humility for the masters, from whose hands the objects originate.


Besides wooden mobiliary and furniture restoring, we also specialize in carvings and artistic carpentry. We provide all kinds of restoration work - temple work, clock restoration, gilding and gilding work, restoration of wooden and parquet floors, upholstery, polychrome and polychrome sculptures, restoration of wooden structures and their mechanic.


We provide technical consulting and advisory services in the field of restoration of wood craftmanship. We give lectures at the Rudolphian Academy and regularly participate in antique trade fair Antique in Prague. We are direct members of CINOA and the Antique Dealer´s Association, where Tomáš Bárta is the vice prezident, he is also the owner of two licenses of the Ministry of Culture for the restoration of cultural monuments.

We offer you

  • furniture restoration
  • museum conservation and restoration activities
  • polychrome and polychrome sculptures
  • gilding and gilding work
  • temple work
  • artistic carpentry
  • carvings
  • client restoration service

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Family tradition since 1973

Tomáš Bárta comes from the second generation of restorers. His father Peter Bárta started the restoration work in 1969 and originally a small company has grown. Nowadays nine specialists work in the family studio located in the Giant Mountains foothills.

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"The restorer has a special responsibility, because the objects of his activities are completely irreplaceable originals."

Restoration of furniture
Restoration of furniture
Restoration of furniture
Restoration of furniture more from gallery

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Awards received

Vodafone - company of the year 2019 - 2nd place
Czech Goodwill 2018 - 2nd place