Greenhouses, cabinets and bookcases

Bookcase - Biedermeier
Baroque cabinet
Baroque cabinet - open
Pentagon Baroque wardrobe
Baroque wardrobe decorated by xxx
Three-piece baroque secretary
Realized design of secretary with windows
Bookcase Art Deco
Three-piece baroque xxx
Wardrobe - Prague Biedermeier
Baroque wardrobe (before restoration)
Detail of inlaid doors of baroque wardrobe (before restoration)
Art Nouveau secretary
Two doors wardrobe - Biedermeier
Realized design of baroque bookcase
Realized design of wardrobe - Functionalism
Internal arrangement of wardrobe
Realized design of smaller cabinet - Functionalism
Glass cabinet with gilded applications - Biedermeier
Baroque wardrobe
Art Nouveau wardrobe
Corner glass cabinet - Biedermeier