Čalounické práce

An integral part of our studio is upholstery. We are concerned with upholstery with the use of indigenous technology, it is an upholstery technique conducted in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.


Within the upholstery renewal we respect originally used technologies and materials, we use a style of classic upholstery designs and indigenous materials (strap, classic upholstery springs, jute, Africa, horsehair, etc.) with the appropriate selection of contemporary fabrics. We have more than 400 types of upholstery fabrics with traditional motifs and replicas of historical materials in our sample book, from the Czech producers and from European manufacturers, with an appropriate edge port or various decorative upholstery nails.

You can also find several kinds and colours of manually processed hides in our sample books. At the customer's request it is possible to ensure special themes of upholstery, which can be made to order.